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Jabberwock 2020

Visions in White: An Evening of Grace, Beauty, and Purpose

May 2020 


In an interpretation of the immortal classic “Alice in Wonderland,” Lewis Carroll created the delightful character known as “Jabberwock” who summoned all of the creatures in the kingdom to perform a gala event. Being mindful of this concept, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., member Marian G. Conover Hope of Iota Chapter (Boston, Massachusetts) creatively recalled this mystical character, but in a dramatically different manner, when faced with the challenge of devising plans for a fundraising project.

Conceptualized in 1925 as a musical variety show that consisted of skits and dances, the Jabberwock has since evolved into a more diverse program that continues to raise funds for scholarships and other Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. sponsored public service projects.

Knightdale-Wake Forest Alumnae has produced Jabberwock biennially since 2002. Today, we continue the tradition with 2020’s theme, “Visions in White: An Evening of Grace, Beauty, and Purpose “. Our Jabberwock program features educational, cultural, community service and personal enrichment activities for the participants while also serving as a successful fundraising event for the chapter. This year we had 14 participants. The Little Miss Jabberwock Participants included Caitlyn Dent, Ayanna Brooks, Laurin Williams, Skylar Woods, and Taylor Williams. The Miss Jabberwock Participants included Mykalia Steele, Jayda Coleman, Saije Gordan, Mattie McNeill, Alayna Suitte, Makayla Martin, Talia Chavis, Kamryan Collis, and Amyah Solomon.

The two young ladies that fully participates in the program and raises the highest amount of money throughout will be crowned “Miss Jabberwock” and “Little Miss Jabberwock.” In recognition of her efforts, Miss Jabberwock and Little Miss Jabberwock will receive a percentage of the funds raised by her team, her family, and her community to be used toward funding her college education and educational opportunities. Additional scholarships will be provided to runners up correlating to the amounts raised, subject to the Jabberwock rules and guidelines. The Knightdale-Wake Forest Alumnae Chapter uses the remaining funds for scholarships, programming and special projects that serve the greater community. 

The program was to culminate in a presentation/pageant on Sunday, 26Apr2020. However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and state/national regulations an actual pageant could not be held. The winners were announced during a virtual call on 09May2020. Our winners are as follows: 


Miss Spirit – Miss Taylor Williams
Miss Congeniality – Miss Makayla Martin
Highest GPA – Miss Talia Chavis

Little Miss Jabberwock

Queen – Taylor Williams
1st Runner-Up – Caitlyn Dent
2nd Runner-Up – Laurin William

Miss Jabberwock

Queen – Jayda Coleman
1st Runner-Up – Makayla Martin
2nd Runner-Up – Mattie McNeill

Congratulations to Miss Jabberwock!

Miss Jabberwock Queen

Miss Jabberwock Queen

1st Runner-Up
2nd Runner-Up

Congratulations Little Miss Jabberwock!

Little Miss Jabberwock Queen

Little Miss Jabberwock Queen

1st Runner-Up
2nd Runner-Up

Meet the Miss Jabberwock Participants

Meet the Little Miss Jabberwock Participants