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Welcome to ERT, we hope this site helps you understand Delta’s commitment to emergency preparedness and safety. Our goal is to create an awareness of the importance of preparing for an emergency by increasing awareness about emergency preparedness activities and providing structured/systematic training for the membership’s Readiness, Response, and Recovery efforts.

Our EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (ERT) exists to develop, document, and execute a strategic plan which anticipates emergency situations members might find themselves and proactively prepares Sorors to survive such situations. Additionally, ERT addresses an Emergency Response Plan, which would allow for safe evacuations or sheltering in place for Sorors and guests at chapter-sponsored events.

ERT National Chair
Dr. Cheryl Yates-Catchings

South Atlantic Region Chair
Vicki Morgan

KWF Chair
Kimberly Lassiter


The Mission of the DELTA Emergency Response Team (ERT) is to: 

  • Increase awareness about emergency preparedness activities
  • Provide structured and systematic training for the membership’s Readiness, Response, and
    Recovery efforts
  • Provide effective and immediate communication strategies to facilitate and aid in
    preparedness and response
  • Provide steps for early response and efficient recovery
  • Provide resource support and guidance for sorority members and the communities
    impacted by natural or man-made disasters


If you have a fall/injury at a KWF meeting or event:

  • you are required to complete a KWF Incident Report as soon as possible after the incident.
       –  KWF Incident Procedures
       – KWF Incident Report Form ( form password kwfert! )
  • Please complete the demographic information for your red envelope and bring to all KWF,
    Regional, and National Events
  • Readily respond to any and all inquiries about your location, needs, or upon returning from
    events where the chapter needs to verify you’ve arrived home safely



We hope this information is helpful for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ERT via email at